Virtual Visit Webinar: Charlie Higson, author of Worst. Holiday. Ever

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About the book:

WORST. HOLIDAY. EVER is a brand new, laugh-out-loud middle-grade comedy from bestselling author, actor and screen writer Charlie Higson. It’s a witty and hilarious coming-of-age story about fathers and sons, facings fears and dealing with worries, in which Charlie has perfectly captured the voice of a shy kid on the cusp of adolescence, and created an Adrian Mole for a new generation.

Stan is going on holiday to Italy with his (fifth) best friend Felix and a load of strangers. He’s absolutely terrified. Luckily, his mum's given him an emergency list that includes how to survive a shark attack, and what to do if he gets kidnapped. Stan thinks that a better list would include how to cope with weird food, and what to do if he accidentally calls Felix's mum 'mum' in front of everybody. One thing's for certain, Stan's not going to come back the same boy he left. He just hopes he comes back at all . . . 

What to expect during the session:

Charlie will introduce pupils to his hilarious new novel WORST. HOLIDAY. EVER, following the antics of Stan as he embarks on his first holiday without his parents (and all the worries and fears that come alongside this). Charlie will reveal some laugh-out-loud tales from his own holidays, both as a youngster and father himself, before opening up about his own shyness growing up and how he has learnt to overcome this. The event will offer lots of laughs as well as some reassurance to any children feeling uncertain of themselves and the world at the moment.

Send in your pupils' questions:

Charlie will also answer some of your pupils’ burning questions so don’t forget to send these in advance by emailing [email protected] with Charlie Higson in the subject line.

Get a copy of the book from your local independent bookshop. 

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