Virtual Visit Webinar: Humza Arshad, author of Little Badman and the Rise of the Punjabi Zombies

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About the book:

The Little Badman series is a funny and fast-paced adventure created by comedy duo Humza Arshad and Henry White. Full of mischief, silliness, alien aunties and zombies and with a delightful cast of characters starring Humza Khan aka Little Badman; the greatest rapper in Eggington and his best friends Umer and Wendy.

‘It’s Drake meets James Bond’  MOTD Magazine, ‘Wildly over the top and satisfying’ The Guardian, Best Children’s Books.

Welcome to Big School. Humza Khan - aka Little Badman, Eggington's greatest rapper - might have finally met his match. Evil teacher geniuses and giant killer hamsters (see previous Little Badman adventures for details) are nothing compared to starting a new school.

He's already been out rap-battled by the school bully, laughed at by his classmates. Oh, and we haven't even mentioned the ancient magical orb causing havoc and very possibly leading to world destruction.

At least Humza has found someone to help with his homework. It's just a shame this friend isn't exactly...alive.


Author fact file:

Humza Arshad is the first British YouTuber to have his own scripted comedy series on BBC Three in the mockumentary series Coconut. Since accumulating over ninety million views on his channel Humza has used his influence and comedy for a greater purpose. In 2015, Humza performed at one hundred and twenty schools using comedy to prevent at risk teens of becoming radicalised. He is currently an ambassador for YouTube's Creators For Change campaign.


What to expect during the session: 

  • A hilarious introduction to Little Badman and the Rise of the Punjabi Zombies
  • Hear how Humza’s own family members inspired his characters, as Humza shares funny family photos and stories
  • Lear all about how Humza became a famous YouTuber and comedian before he started writing books with his friend Henry
  • A pre-recorded Little Badman draw-a-long by illustrator Aleksei Bitskoff
  • Listen to a hilarious reading from Little Badman and the Attack of the Punjabi Zombies
  • Ask Humza your burning questions by heading to our online form before the event!

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