Virtual Visit Webinar: Paul Howard, author of Aldrin Adams and the Cheese Nightmares

Sign up your class to join Paul Howard's Virtual Visit on Friday 25th June from 10:30 - 11:15. You will be sent an email from Puffin Schools with the Zoom link for the Virtual Visit, information to help you plan for the event and event reminders.

About the book:

Join Aldrin Adams on an unforgettable adventure as he steps into a world of mystery and magic and cheeses that seriously, SERIOUSLY pong! This is superb, sparky and insightful comedy writing, full of humour and heart for young readers.

Aldrin Adams is an ordinary boy who has just discovered that he possesses an extraordinary superpower. When he eats cheese before bedtime, he can enter into other people’s nightmares - and help them do battle against the things that frighten them most whilst they sleep.

But why has he, the humble son of a cheesemonger, been given this strange ability? What is he supposed to do with it? And why doesn’t it come with some kind of instruction manual?

Aldrin has so many questions. Fortunately, he has access to some of the smelliest, pongiest, whiffiest, STINKIEST cheeses known to man. But what Aldrin doesn't realise as he embarks on his journey of discovery, is that he is being watched by Habeas Grusselvart, a mysterious, supernatural villain who creates nightmares for millions and millions of children every night. Suddenly, a young boy poses a threat to his plans to control the world through fear. Which is why he must be stopped - at all costs!

What to expect during the session:

Join best-selling comedy writer, and four times Irish Book Award winner, Paul Howard as he discusses the inspiration behind his bedtime superhero - the cheddar-munching, Brie-scoffing, Edam-devouring Aldrin Adams. Paul will explain how REAL superheroes come in all shapes and sizes - and they don’t necessarily wear capes. He will discuss his lifetime love of cheese, especially stinky ones, and will attempt to describe in words the Top Five FOULEST-smelling cheeses he has ever eaten, including one that smelled so VILE, he was asked to leave a picnic area! Paul will also discuss some of the most common nightmares, and why they’re nothing to be afraid of. He will read extracts from Aldrin Adams and the Cheese Nightmares, a superhero story with a difference, and will also answer some of your pupils’ burning questions so don’t forget to send these in advance by emailing [email protected] with Paul Howard in the subject line.

Read the free chapter sample and download this activity pack for lesson ideas linked to the book.

Get a copy of the book from your local independent bookshop. 

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