Virtual Visit Webinar: Sam Copeland and Jenny Pearson, authors of The Underpants of Chaos

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About the book: 

The first in a hilarious mystery series from an exciting new author partnership, The Underpants of Chaos features detective duo Agatha and Lenny, who unwillingly team up to investigate the strange happenings unfolding across their school.

Something bad is happening at Little Strangehaven Primary. What are the peculiar SHIVERS that keep striking the school, bringing Strangeness in their wake - from uncontrollable ballroom dancing to an attack by military chickens?

Spy-detective Agatha Topps is determined to find out. She's the only person who doesn't forget the Strangeness as soon as it's over. At least, until new boy Lenny Tuchus turns up and remembers too.

Their spy-detectoring leads them to the Book of Chaos, an ancient text which has been hidden away in the Room of Forbidden and Dangerous Books.

Can Agatha and Lenny fight off attacks from evil underpants and Transylvanian gargoyles to stop the SHIVERS before their town is sucked into oblivion? Because power lies in books - especially this one...


Author and illustrator fact file:

Sam Copeland is the author of Charlie Changes Into a Chicken and Uma and the Answer to Absolutely Everything, widely considered to be the two funniest children's books ever written...

Until Jenny Pearson came on the scene with The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates and The Incredible Record Smashers.

Sam's books have been translated into over twenty foreign languages. So have Jenny Pearson's.

Sam has recently completed Couch to 5k. Jenny has run three marathons in under four hours.

Sam sings soprano and has been told he has the voice of an angel*. Jenny would probably win in an arm wrestle**.

* By his mum.
** This has since been confirmed.


What to expect during the session:

  • An introduction to The Underpants of Chaos from exciting new author pairing Sam Copeland and Jenny Pearson
  • Take part in a fun, interactive activity!
  • Listen to a reading from The Underpants of Chaos
  • Ask Sam and Jenny your burning questions by heading to our online form before the event!

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