ACTIVITY IDEAS: Kindness Postcard

What’s the story?

Whose day can you brighten with a Kindness Postcard? Children will be inspired to write a postcard to a friend or family member, just to make them feel better. They’ll think about the everyday challenges we all face and how being kind can make a difference. Then they can make a Kindness Bucket and fill it with their postcards, sharing their ideas with the class or even the whole school! It’s time to #ChooseKind.

How to use this resource

A fantastic activity to demonstrate the importance of choosing to be kind, children will develop their understanding of how being kind can make you feel and how it can positively impact others. Use the Kindness Postcards as part of a PSHE lesson or to support general classroom learning, with the option of creating the Kindness Bucket so children can share their work.  Postcards would also make an excellent display or could be used to send home to parents and carers and engage with the wider school community.

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