KS2 RESOURCE PACK – Empathy Day 2019

What’s the story?

Reading is a great way for children to better understand other people’s feelings and perspectives. Children with good empathy skills grow up to be good parents, citizens and workmates and scientific evidence shows that reading and identifying with book characters builds real-life empathy.

Watch the show – 3o minutes

Help teach kids what empathy is, why it is important and how to put it into action with some incredible authors and illustrators in The Story Makers Show. Empathy Day in 2020 is on 9 June.

This resource pack includes:

  • Empathy book list
  • A worksheet for pupils to complete during the show
  • All the information on how to watch
  • The science behind Empathy and reading
  • Classroom activity ideas – including extracts from Charlie Changes Into A Chicken and My Mum Tracy Beaker
  • Print and display quotes about Empathy

Puffin Schools has worked with the experts at EmpathyLab, who founded Empathy Day. This pack is just a snapshot of the resources available to help you teach about empathy in the classroom. Visit their website to find out more about their pioneering work, teacher training sessions, and to get their in-depth teaching resources as well as assembly ideas www.empathylab.uk


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