Top Tips: Cosy Reading Corners

30 November 2021

There is nothing more comforting on a cold winter’s day than curling up with a good book in a cosy reading corner. Whatever space you’re in, be it a school library, classroom or even a corner of your assembly hall - or at home, there are ways of making creative, cosy reading corners that will help inspire a love of reading. This can be even more magical at Christmas time with additions of festive-themed ideas and decorations.

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Community creativity

Invite the whole school community to get involved and ask for volunteers who have DIY and or/art skills. You never know who might be handy with a paintbrush or the next Nick Knowles! It’s a great way of raising awareness of the importance of reading spaces and time to read.  Volunteers could help with painting murals on walls, displays, bespoke seating or even updating an old shed into a reading room.


Festive themes

Does your class have a favourite author, story or genre? Use this to inspire your cosy corner and bring the space life. A favourite wintry read, like The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe can help create magical corners! The list is endless and with Christmas just around the corner you could always take a leaf out of Elf’s book, and create a truly snowy landscape with paper cutting and tinsel.


Cushions and comfort

Put down a fluffy rug and add some cushions to your reading corner for an easy way to make it more inviting! Bean bags can be fun (but watch out for the leaks!). You can also repurpose other objects to make seats. It’s amazing how what you can turn an ordinary box into – from boats to space rockets to pirate ships and for added Christmas fun you can decorate with snowflakes, tinsel and anything that sparkles! Use material for draping, creating a secret-den feel.

Better still, if you’re feeling ambitious, create a cardboard gingerbread house or even an igloo using old milk jugs. Imagine the faces of young readers as they step inside your wintry, festive creation to cosy up with a book!


Golden glow

Create the effect of candles with battery operated tea-lights. Fairy lights will make the whole space sparkle and feel totally magical, when hung from the ceiling and around the walls.  You can intertwine them with festive book-themed bunting and shine a light on favourite tales. For warmth, make a fireplace from cardboard and add sound and visual effects like this. Or make your own campfire with card and tissue paper, and sit round it during story time, perhaps with marshmallows and hot chocolate if necessary permissions are given.


It's all about the tree!

Finally, Christmas trees are an essential ingredient - but pine needles can be a pain so you could try creating your own using books and fairy lights - the perfect combination!  You could even make your own tree and decorate with the names of children's favourite stories or book characters, drawn onto festive card shapes.  Whatever tree you use, it will be the perfect accompaniment to your cosy reading corner this Christmas.


Whatever you are doing in your classroom to celebrate this Christmas, we’d love to hear about it! Please contact [email protected] with 'Inspiring Ideas' in the subject line.


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It's all about the tree! 
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