KS1 ACTIVITY PACK: Celebrate Friendship Day with Peter Rabbit

What’s the story?

To celebrate International Day of Friendship you can become a Friend to Nature with Peter Rabbit.  Join him on an exploration of nature and discover more about the wonderful world around you from creatures, plants to insects and trees.  Find out how you can be a friend to nature and look after green spaces and take the ‘Pledge of Friendship’ to the natural world.

This resource pack includes:

Flexible activities for children aged 3-6 years to encourage their curiosity about nature and use the activities to explore local green spaces.  Themes of friendship, nature, wellbeing and looking after the natural world will support learning in a range of subjects including English, PSHE and Science.

1. What makes Peter Rabbit™ a good friend?
Children will create a Friendship Tree with each leaf showing a different element of a good friendship.

2. Get to know nature with Peter Rabbit™ and his friends
Introducing the Peter Rabbit I-Spy Game, children will create a Nature Trail in a local green space.

3. The colourful world of Peter Rabbit™
Take children on a treasure hunt outside and create a Peter Rabbit™ Paperchain inspired by nature.

4. Being grateful to nature like Peter Rabbit™
Children will create a Gratitude Jar to show what they are grateful for in the natural world.

5. Spending time in nature with Peter Rabbit™ and his friends
Take the children for a walk outside and complete four ‘Thought Acorns’

6. Looking after Peter Rabbit’s World
Celebrate their success and invite children to create a Pledge of Friendship to the natural world with a certificate


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