KS2 Activity Pack: Blue Planet II

What’s the story?

Unlike billions of other worlds in the Milky Way, 71 per cent of our Blue Planet is covered by ocean. It’s home to the greatest diversity of life on Earth but is our least explored habitat; we’ve better maps of Mars than of the ocean floor. With so much more to discover, take a deep breath . . . and dive into a wondrous world beneath the waves. Explore coral reefs that shimmer in a kaleidoscope of colours. Venture to the bottom of the ocean where creatures beyond your wildest imagination live in the dark. Chase sea otters through kelp forest seas, and glide the open ocean with humpback whales. Discover all there is to love about our Blue Planet, the stories of its inhabitants, and realise how you can help protect this wilderness beneath the waves.

This resource pack includes:

Three activities to encourage children to develop their knowledge of our oceans and how they can help protect them. Use this pack to support Science lessons on habitats. Children can use their creativity to draw their very own sea creature and there is also a great list of ways children can be more eco-friendly at home to help save the oceans.  This pack would great for supporting learning about conservation and climate change.

Download our wallpapers, taken from the beautiful illustrations in Blue Planet II. These can be used on any mobile devices, desktop backgrounds, or even as your Zoom background!


Walrus  The Deep  Green Seas  Coral Reefs

Desktop or Zoom:

Walrus  The Deep  Green Seas  Coral Reefs

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