Resource Pack: Billy and the Minpins

What’s the story?

Complete your school’s Roald Dahl collection with his last children’s story, illustrated by Quentin Blake. Little Billy’s mum says he must never go out through the garden gate and explore the dark forest beyond. So, one day, that’s exactly what he does. There he meets the Minpins: miniature people who live in the hollow trees. They soon warn Little Billy of the fearsome, galloping Gruncher, which has grunched thousands of Minpins. And it will gobble up Little Billy too – unless he can find a way to defeat the hungry beast, once and for all . . .

This resource pack includes:

You’ll get six inspiring lessons with both Literacy and Art objectives, plus templates, worksheets and extracts. This pack can be used as you read the book together as a class or for one-off lessons. Discover how to create a gallery of Grunchers, start a class debate using persuasive sentences and set imaginations soaring with a high-flying design challenge!


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