KS2 RESOURCE: The (incomplete) Lit in Colour book list

What’s the story?

Penguin have brought together a publisher agnostic list of 100 texts by writers of colour for primary schools as part of their Lit in Colour campaign. Through research commissioned with their partner The Runnymede Trust, they found that some of the greatest obstacles to teaching more diverse texts is time and knowing where to look, so this list is intended to go some way towards helping teachers easily find diverse texts to bring into the classroom.

This resource includes:

A collection of over 100 titles to make the work of writers of colour more visible. Penguin have listed suitable titles offered by year group, and included a variety of books to support different reading abilities and interests. They’re calling the book list incomplete, because they know it will never manage to be exhaustive or definitive, and they plan to update it annually bringing even more new and classic titles to the list.

Use this list to support an inclusive and diverse reading culture in your school community and help children read more widely and often.

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