KS2 VIDEO: How to borrow ideas from the Ancient Greeks with Rick Riordan (3 mins)

Rick Riordan shares his top tips for ‘borrowing’ ideas from myths and legends to create your own stories and  characters. You could use this video as part of your topic work on the ancient civilisations.

1. You have to read

Read a lot and read a lot about the Greek myths that you want to write about. Pick the Gods and Goddesses that interest you the most. Or you could choose a monster like Medusa or the Minotaur –  the character doesn’t even have to be human!

2. Get to know your character

What do they look like? What would their personality be like if you were to meet? How would they talk and dress? Also think about their family, friends and hobbies. What hobbies would Medusa have?

3. Put your character in the modern world

So you’ve got your character picked out and know the basic stuff about them. Now it’s time to make them your own – try changing them a little bit. For example Grover Underwood, is half-goat and half-man, so Rick made him a vegetarian – and because he’s a goat, he also eats things like tin cans!

4. Set your character a challenge

Put your character in a story and set them a challenge to see how they respond.