Extract: Frankie Best Hates Quests by Chris Smith

A brand-new book from Chris Smith, one half of the team behind the best-selling Kid Normal series!

Pixar’s Onward meets Jumanji in an enormously fun fantasy by bestselling author Chris Smith.

Frankie is not happy. Not only is she stuck at Grandad’s for a whole week while her parents swan off to the arctic, now she’s discovered that there’s NO WIFI anywhere in the house!

Also in the house are:

Joel – Frankie’s annoying nerd brother who spends all his time playing computer games like Elf-Quest and just generally being really super annoying.

Grandad – likes gardening down the allotment and cups of tea. Oh and is also the custodian of a secret fantasy realm called Parallelia.

When Grandad is kidnapped by a host of gnoblins (no that is not spelt incorrectly) it falls to Frankie and Joel to save the day. Frankie did have big plans to watch YouTube and eat pot noodles that Saturday but she guesses she’ll just have to go on an epic mega-dangerous quest instead…

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