KS1/2 VIDEO: Draw Jonathan the Magic Pony with Stuart Heritage and Nicola Slater (24mins)

Join author Stuart Heritage and illustrator Nicola Slater, as they share their expertise in drawing and magic! Inspired by their book  Jonathan the Magic Pony, whose magic tricks tend to go a little bit wrong… Children can join in the draw-along and then afterwards prepare to be amazed by Stuart’s own magic trick.

Use this video to support creativity in the classroom in art and English lessons and encourage children to give new things a try. They will learn new drawing techniques and a magic trick, which they could then practice together and share at home.

These videos were streamed as part of the Puffin Festival of Big Dreams, an online event which celebrated the power of children’s imaginations (and Puffin’s 80th birthday) during lockdown 2020. Thank you for dreaming big!

Introduction with Radzi Chinyanganya

Meet Jonathan the Magic Pony (04:38)

Author Stuart Heritage introduces his book Jonathan the Magic Pony (who’s not as magic as he thinks!)

Draw-Along with Nicola Slater (06:08)

Nicola Slater teachers Stuart (and the audience) how to draw Jonathan the Magic Pony. To join in you’ll need a pen, paper, glue and strips of tissue paper, glitter or pipe cleaners.

Time for some magic! (18:21)

Stuart shares his magic trick (3 cups and 3 balls) and then teachers Nicola (and the audience) how to do it