KS1 & LKS2 RESOURCE: Grow With Peter Rabbit

Foster a love of gardening with Peter Rabbit this summer! 

We’re celebrating 120 years of Peter Rabbit with this Grow with Peter Activity Pack, designed to spark children’s interest in growing plants while providing them with fun, hands-on gardening experience.

Gardening is great for wellbeing; it has positive physical and mental health benefits and anybody can do it.

Whether your school has a large vegetable plot, a small outdoor area or just a sunny windowsill, there are gardening ideas in this pack for your class to try!


This resource pack includes:

There are four sessions in the pack, each with a starter, discussion prompts and activity. The sessions are flexible and can be adapted and scaled to the needs of your children across KS1 and LKS2.

1. What is gardening?
Objectives: To consider why people garden; to understand that anybody can be a gardener; to identify fruits and vegetables that might be grown in a garden.
Activities: Read The Tale of Peter Rabbit, identify the fruits and vegetables Mr. McGregor grows in his garden; design a garden; start a class Gardening Club.

2. Looking at growth
Objectives: To describe how a seed grows into a plant; to make and record observations.
Activities: Plant a bean seed, watch it germinate and record observations.

3. Grow your own
Objectives: To sow seeds and care for seedlings; to write a short instruction text.
Activities: Grow some radishes to eat; write a set of instructions on how to grow radishes.

4. Upcycling in the garden
Objectives: To know what ‘upcycling’ is and why it is good for the environment; to use a range of construction skills to make a plant pot.
Activities: Make a plant pot from an old drink carton; plant and care for microgreen seeds.