KS2/3 ACTIVITY PACK: The Accidental Diary of B.U.G

What’s the story?

Enter the hilarious world of Billie Upton Green . . . The start of an exciting new series full of Billie’s laugh-out-loud observations and doodles! There is a new girl at Billie’s school, and Billie takes it upon herself to show her around, teach her the Biscuit Laws, and remind her that yes, two women can get married (after all, Billie’s mums’ wedding is the event of the year). But then suspicion sets in. The new girl seems very close to Billie’s best friend Layla. And doesn’t she know a little too much about the latest big school heist – the theft of Mrs Robinson’s purse…?

This activity pack includes:

Activities to support learning inspired by the book, with templates that can be used in the classroom or at home focused on diary writing, making decisions, and what makes a family.  Use these activities alongside reading the book to support PSHE, literacy learning, reader development and build empathy.

Activity 1 encourages creativity focused on biscuits! Children can design their own rules about how to eat their favourite biscuit, design a new biscuit and create a supporting advert.

Activity 2 invites children to rewrite one of Billie’s diary entries from different character perspectives and think about how each one might feel.

Activity 3 focuses on making decisions and spellings. Children can write their own decision chart using the template provided.   They then move on to spellings and making rules for remembering how to spell words of their choosing and creating words of their own. How imaginative can they be?!

Activity 4 invites children to think about ‘what makes a family’ with an opportunity to draw their own and other types of family on the template provided



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