KS2/KS3 VIDEO: Write a story with Yassmin Abdel-Magied (15mins)

In this video author Yassmin Abdel-Magied, the writer of You Must Be Layla reads her short story, Kandaka, from the Puffin Book of Big Dreams and then sets children two creative writing challenges. The first is to think about where they would go in their very own magical Jalabeeya and the second is to find out more about their family history. All children will need is a paper and pen (or a computer!) and their incredible, out-of-this-world imaginations!

Use this video to support creative writing development and help children get started with stories. Yassmin’s story, Kandaka, can also be enjoyed as part of reading for pleasure lessons.

These videos were streamed as part of the Puffin Festival of Big Dreams, an online event which celebrated the power of children’s imaginations (and Puffin’s 80th birthday) during lockdown 2020. Thank you for dreaming big!

Introduction with Radzi Chinyanganya

Listen to Yassmin (04.50)

The show begins! Yassmin Abdel-Magied, reads her short story, Kandaka, from the Puffin Book of Big Dreams.

Writing Challenge One (10.50)

Yassmin explains what a jalabeeya is and sets the first writing challenge: where would children go if they had their own magical jalabeeya? They have ONE minute to write their story!

Writing Challenge Two (13.34)

Yassmin sets challenge two for children to complete after they have watched the show: can they find out all about where does their family come from?