KS2 RESOURCE PACK: Orphans of the Tide trilogy

What’s the story?

The Orphans of the Tide trilogy follows young inventor Ellie and a mysterious boy called Seth as they battle against the ruthless Inquisition, power-hungry rulers, and the Enemy – the god who drowned the world.

This pack includes:

LESSON 1: An Introduction to the Series

Objectives: Match key themes to book covers from the series; identify what makes the City an interesting and unusual setting for the story; write a descriptive paragraph about an imagined city.

LESSON 2: Orphans of the Tide: Fear of the Enemy

Objectives: Explore the theme of fear in an extract; write a diary entry from Ellie’s perspective; explain the significance of plot twists in Orphans of the Tide.

LESSON 3: Orphans of the Tide: Ellie and her Inventions

Objectives: Have a class vote for Ellie’s best invention; design an invention to solve a problem in your imagined city; create a character profile for the character of Ellie.

LESSON 4: Shipwreck Island & Eternity Engine: Further Activities

Objectives: Reflect on the power of memory in the series; write about your own special memory; design the book cover and write a blurb for the next book in the series!

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