KS2 VIDEO: Great Illustrators Draw-Off – Nadia Shireen vs Ed Vere (14mins)

Get ready for the GREAT ILLUSTRATORS DRAW-OFF featuring Nadia Shireen or Ed Vere. Who will be crowned the Ultimate Illustrator? Children can watch as the two battle it out over ten rounds with a paper and pen for the acclaimed title, keeping a note of their favourite pictures for each round so they can choose their winner.

Children will need a pen and paper to note down who they think is the winner of each round.

Use this video to encourage children’s creativity and develop their character illustration as part of reader development, art or English lessons.  You could also set up a draw-off between children and vote for the winner or watch the video and invite children to try drawing some of the characters in each of the rounds.

These videos were streamed as part of the Puffin Festival of Big Dreams, an online event which celebrated the power of children’s imaginations (and Puffin’s 80th birthday) during lockdown 2020. Thank you for dreaming big!

Introduction with Radzi Chinyanganya

Meet the illustrators (03:45)

Nadia Shireen and Ed Vere introduce themselves

Let the Draw-Off begin! (04:40)

The ten round draw-off begins, with the illustrators given a different animal to draw in each round:

A singing rabbit

An angry mouse

A brave kitten

A naughty fish

A bear tasting honey

A chicken laying a particularly large egg

A pig sniffing a rose

A noble lion

A large cat trying to sit on a chair

A puffin telling a joke