KS2 VIDEO: Storytime with Jacqueline Wilson (18mins)

Settle down for a superb storytime with Jacqueline Wilson as she reads ‘The Worst Thing About My Sister’ – a fantastic tale about living in close quarters with a troublesome sibling! Jacqueline also answers questions from young readers in an author Q & A. Did you know that Jacqueline Wilson’s nickname is Jacky Daydream, because she’s always dreaming about ideas for her next story. You can also use the video to prompt conversation about family and sibling relationships.

These videos were streamed as part of the Puffin Festival of Big Dreams, an online event which celebrated the power of children’s imaginations (and Puffin’s 80th birthday) during lockdown 2020. Thank you for dreaming big!

Introduction with Radzi Chinyanganya

Storytime with Jacqueline Wilson (02:36)

Author Jacqueline Wilson reads an extract from her book The Worst Thing About My Sister

Q & A with Jacqueline Wilson (09:18)

Jacqueline answers questions sent in by readers and shares her tips for writing, as well as her three big dream

Puffin Dreamer challenge

Invite children to invent a nickname for themselves inspired by what they like doing!