WRITING PROMPT : Puffin Story Hats Starter Activity

What’s the resource?

The Puffin Story Hats is a game that encourages children to consider objects, characters and locations for a story, and to experiment with putting them together in a variety of different (and surprising!) combinations.

How to use this resource

This activity is perfect as a Starter or Warm-Up task in a creative writing or drama lesson. It can be completed in groups or individually. It can also be extended into a whole lesson by asking children to build on their ideas and begin the writing process!

Bring in three hats (or boxes) – fill Hat One with objects, Hat Two with locations and Hat Three with characters. Use these examples or come up with your own.

One-by-One invite pupils to choose a scrap of paper. Then give them 5 – 10 minutes to come up with a story.

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