WRITING PROMPT : Jacqueline Wilson #1 Big Ideas

What’s the story?

Best-loved author Jacqueline Wilson has written over 100 books – and now she’s sharing her wisdom with you and your pupils in a series of Creative Writing Top Tips! Jacqueline Wilson’s Top Tip Number ONE is about how to come up with BIG ideas!

“It’s the most frequently asked question: Where do you get your ideas from? Sometimes it can be something you see by chance. I saw a heavily tattooed woman with two small daughters in Central Park, and my own daughter Emma whispered that they looked like the sort of family I’d write about. That’s how I wrote The Illustrated Mum. Another gift was seeing photographs of children in my local newspaper, all needing foster parents – this gave me the idea for The Story of Tracy Beaker. Everyone gets their ideas in different ways” Jacqueline Wilson

What’s the resource?

Activities include:

  • Individual Warm-Up: Story Hats
  • Story Maps
  • Setting the Scene

Why use this resource?

Encourage children to get their creative juices flowing with these creative writing starter activities, ideal for thinking about the ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘When’ and ‘Who’ of a new story.



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