WRITING PROMPT : Jacqueline Wilson #2 Creating Characters

What’s the story?

Best-loved author Jacqueline Wilson has written over 100 books – and now she’s sharing her wisdom with you and your pupils in a series of Creative Writing Top Tips!

Jacqueline Wilson’s Top Tip Number TWO is about creating characters!

“I think the most important part of writing a story is getting to know your characters and making them seem real. Did you ever have imaginary friends when you were little? It’s a similar process. Hold conversations with your characters in your head. Don’t just think about their looks, though I always like to give some idea what sort of hairstyle my girls have, and what sort of clothes they wear. But mostly I care what they’re like inside. Are they happy, sad, shy, cheeky, funny, naughty? What are their hobbies? What are their favourite television programmes? What’s their favourite food? Do they like school? What’s their best subject? How do they get on with their mum or dad and siblings? Do they have a best friend? Do they want a best friend? Think it all through, jot things down. You probably won’t need to put half these things in your story but somehow it will help bring your characters alive on the page.” Jaqueline Wilson

What’s the resource?

Activities include:

  • Small Group Warm-Up: Freeze Frame
  • 3D Characters
  • Character Wheels

Why use this resource?

These activities ask children to really get to know their characters in order to make them seem real and three-dimensional, and to make the reader really invest in their stories.

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