WRITING PROMPT : Jacqueline Wilson #3 Starting a Story

What’s the story?

Best-loved author Jacqueline Wilson has written over 100 books – and now she’s sharing her wisdom with you and your pupils in a series of Creative Writing Top Tips!

Jacqueline Wilson’s Top Tip Number THREE  is about  how to start a stroy.

“This is the difficult bit! No-one likes looking at a blank page or screen. It’s so hard to know how to start. Everyone always says a story needs a really good eye-catching beginning – but of course that makes you go all self-conscious and unable to think of even one simple sentence. My tip would be to pretend you’ve got the most amazing piece of news and you’re dashing into school to tell your best friend all about it, and you just have to seize hold of them and give them the whole story straight away, making it as amusing and astonishing as possible so that you keep their full attention. I don’t think you need several paragraphs of description and explanation before you get started on the story. Jump straight in. And do you know what I mean by Show not Tell? Okay, two ways to start a story: NUMBER ONE: George walked along the road with his mother. He was feeling fed up and miserable. He wanted a bar of chocolate but his mother said no. George was cross. OR: George trudged along the road, scuffing the toes of his trainers. Miss Horrible Hawkins had been moaning about his spelling and handwriting again. And Wayne the Pain had snatched George’s lunch-time crisps and his Whizzo Wonder Bar. ‘I’m starving. Can I have a chocolate Whizzo, Mum?’ asked George. ‘No, of course not. You’ve already had one today,’ said Mum. George sighed and stuck his bottom lip out. The first version is fine, but we’re being told it all. It’s a bit dull. I think the second version is better. It brings it all alive.” Jacqueline Wilson 

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