WRITING PROMPT : Jacqueline Wilson #4 – Making Something Happen

What’s the story?

Best-loved author Jacqueline Wilson has written over 100 books – and now she’s sharing her wisdom with you and your pupils in a series of Creative Writing Top Tips! Jacqueline Wilson’s Top Tip Number FOUR is about how to make something happen in the middle of a story . . . 

“Think of all the stories you’ve ever read, short stories, small books, huge great long books with hundreds of pages. They start. Then something happens. Often lots of things. And then they finish. It doesn’t matter what sort of story you write, it’s good to have a bit of conflict – a bit of a struggle, something going wrong, something surprising – and your main character has to try to sort it all out. A princess might be locked up in a castle and she has to escape. A boy has lost his dog and has to find him. A dinosaur is suddenly spotted walking down the High Street, nibbling the treetops. It’s up to you to let the story evolve. Sometimes it’s good to work it all out beforehand so you don’t get stuck halfway through. Though sometimes it works just to write at white-hot speed and see what happens without planning anything at all. There’s no one way of writing. Everyone’s different. If you’ve got started on your story but are stuck in the middle, try talking inside your head to your main character. Ask them what would really worry them? Then write it, and see how they cope.” Jacqueline Wilson

What’s the resource?

Activities include:

  • Discussion Warm-Up: Fairy Tale Problems
  • Solving Problems
  • Storyboarding

Why use this resource?

Encourage children to think about the story arc for their characters. What problems will they face? How will they overcome them? These activities use tried-and-tested fairytale formulas to help children plan their narratives and create their own storyboards.

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