KS2 VIDEO: Build an adventure with Jamie Littler (20mins)

In this video, author and illustrator Jamie Littler tells children how to build an adventure story, using his brilliant book Frostheart as inspiration. Children can listen to an extract from the story, draw-along as Jamie recreates one of his brilliant characters and hear Jamie’s four Top Tips for writing a mind-blowing adventure story:

  1. Create a world
  2. We need a hero
  3. We need a villain
  4. We need a quest

Children will need a pen and paper for the draw-along.

Use this video to support creativity at home and in the classroom. Children will learn about story structure and what to include with ideas for how to create their own story.  You can also use the video to introduce Frostheart to the children and share the extract during storytime.

These videos were streamed as part of the Puffin Festival of Big Dreams, an online event which celebrated the power of children’s imaginations (and Puffin’s 80th birthday) during lockdown 2020. Thank you for dreaming big!

Introduction with Radzi Chinyanganya

Jamie Littler introduces Frostheart (02:16)

Author illustrator Jamie Littler reads an extract from Frostheart

Draw-Along with Jamie (05:45)

Children can draw-along as Jamie draws one of the characters from his book

Build your own adventure writing challenge (16:20)

Jamie challenges children to write their own adventure, sharing his four Top Tips to help them